Selecting The Right Car
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Selecting The Right Car

A few years back, it occurred to me that we had to do something about our vehicle. It was old, outdated, and incredibly unreliable. We were never sure if it would live longer than our next road trip, so we started doing what we could to make some changes. We went through, decided to replace some of the parts, and then focused on avoiding problems during our daily drives. Within a few weeks, the vehicle was running better, and we knew that we had protected the engine. This website is all about choosing the right car and knowing how to streamline problems.


Selecting The Right Car

  • 3 Tips To Help Your Brakes Last Longer

    25 February 2018

    If you own a car, you likely understand that regular maintenance is key to keep things in good shape. That said, while most car owners know to keep an eye on everything under the hood, there's one aspect of your car you might not spend a lot of time thinking about but is absolutely crucial to the vehicle's performance: the brakes. If you want to be able to go a long time on your current brakes before having to head to the auto shop for a brake replacement, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Reasons To Sell Your Junk Car Today

    20 February 2018

    Cars typically do not last forever. In fact, most cars will wear out after 10 years or more, and these cars may need so much work that it is not worth fixing them. If you have a car like this that is taking up space in your driveway or yard, why not sell it? There's really no reason to hold on to a car you will never be able to drive again, especially when there are companies that will buy it from you.

  • 3 Signs You Should Buy A Used Semi-Truck Instead Of Leasing

    17 February 2018

    If you are an owner-operator, you might have looked into leasing deals so that you can acquire a semi-truck to drive. However. even though leasing does have its benefits for some truck drivers, buying a used Freightliner truck might be a better option. These are three signs that you should consider buying a used semi-truck instead of getting into a leasing contract. 1. You Want to Avoid Restrictions First of all, you should know that some leases for semi-trucks, just like with car leases, have restrictions.

  • Extras You Can Mount To Your Truck And What They Are Used For

    14 February 2018

    Trucks have a lot of versatility. It is the biggest reason why so many people who drive trucks continue to buy and drive trucks their whole lives. If you are just getting into trucks and you have bought one for the first time ever, here are truck equipment and parts you can mount to your new truck, and what these extras are used for. Electric Winch How many times have you thought about all those times you became stuck in a ditch with no way out?

  • 2 Reasons To Switch To Synthetic Motor Oil For Your Next Oil Change

    13 February 2018

    Any car owner knows that one of the most important types of routine car maintenance is oil changes. Getting an oil change is the most common service you will do to your car, and it is vital if you want the car to last. If you are preparing to get an oil change soon and have not yet used synthetic motor oil, here are two reasons you may want to switch this time.